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The world record for the pole vault: how it was set

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The world record for the pole vault is one of the most prestigious records in the world of athletics. It requires a combination of sheer strength, agility and technique that only a select few athletes possess. While the world record has been set and broken numerous times over the years, the current holder is Mondo Duplantis, who set a new world record of 6.18m on February 8, 2020, at the indoor athletics meeting in Torun, Poland.

To understand how the world record for the pole vault was set, it is important to first understand the history of the event. The pole vault has been a part of modern Olympic athletics since 1896 and has evolved significantly over the years. Initially, athletes used solid or hollow wooden poles to clear the bar, but over time, these poles were replaced by aluminum and eventually, carbon fiber poles.

The current technique used by pole vaulters involves a series of complex movements that allow them to generate enough momentum to clear the bar at increasingly higher heights. To begin, the vaulter takes a few steps to build up speed before planting the pole in a box at the base of the track. The vaulter then uses the pole to launch themselves upwards, lifting their body over the bar and landing on a cushioned mat on the other side.

While many incredible athletes have attempted to set the world record for the pole vault, few have succeeded. Sergey Bubka, a Ukrainian vaulter, held the world record for the pole vault for over a decade before being beaten by Mondo Duplantis. Bubka set the world record 35 times in his career, with his highest jump measuring 6.15m in 1993.


In 2020, Mondo Duplantis beat Bubka’s record by three centimeters, clearing the bar at 6.18m. Duplantis is the youngest athlete to ever hold the world record for the pole vault, achieving the feat at just 20 years old.

So, how did Duplantis manage to set the world record for the pole vault? Apart from his natural talent and years of training, Duplantis attributes his success to his extensive use of video analysis. He watches recordings of his vaults to identify where he can improve, allowing him to fine-tune his technique and get the most out of his body.

Another key factor in Duplantis’s success is his ability to remain calm under pressure. Pole vaulting requires a great deal of mental clarity and composure, especially at crucial moments in competitions. Duplantis’s calm demeanor and unwavering focus undoubtedly played a significant role in his record-breaking performance.

Despite the many challenges that pole vaulters face, the world record for the pole vault continues to be one of the most sought-after records in athletics. It requires an unmatched combination of strength, agility, and technique, coupled with mental clarity and composure. As Mondo Duplantis showed, with the right mindset and a lot of hard work, anything is possible.

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